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    Important things to know about Movavi Video Converter for Mac

    December 16, 2017

    You can find various popular video formats and MOV is one of them. This format may be less well known than MP4 as it is developed by Apple. As we have seen, Android is more widely used than Apple because not everyone can afford Apple products. I have two smartphones, each is iPhoneX and Samsung S7 and unfortunately, without any special software I can’t open MOV video files using my S7. Two weeks ago I was told a friend of mine to try Movavi and when I tried this software for the first time, I was really surprised as I saw the many conveniences it offered.

    Movavi Video Converter really solved my problem as it can easily convert MOV to my favorite format, MP4 but if you want another output format, no less than 180 formats you can enjoy! If you feel 180 formats is fantastic, you will be more surprised again because this software supports more than 200 mobile devices even including PlayStation and Xbox!

    My suggestion to use this magical software:

    Download this software first

    This is the first step and you do not need to spend a penny. You can download Movavi Video Converter for Mac without taking money from your cash.

    Once you have downloaded, you need to open the video file you want to deal with. The trick is to press the ‘Add Media’ button which you can find in the top left corner of the interface. Select ‘Add Video’ and locate your favorite MOV file to convert it to MP4.

    I am a person who is not easily satisfied and I always want to edit my videos. I am very lucky because I do not need to use other applications because Movavi provides everything. Movavi Video Converter for Mac provides you with features to edit videos from your Mac. You can press ‘Edit’ at the right of the file information section and you will be taken to a new window with tabs. You simply click the ‘Stabilization tab’ and you will be presented with several options available, including the Audio tab to reduce the video noise level or you can select a subtitle tab to include your texts. Of course you can use standard features like ‘Cut’ and ‘Play’. There are many more features that you can find, one of which is a feature to reduce the size of large MOV files. However all these explanations are useless if you do not start it yourself. Immediately download Movavi Video Converter for Mac and enjoy the features!